modern furniture and other objects for the home and life in general

Handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I am...

A Halifax, Nova Scotia based designer, woodworker, and furniture maker. I design and carefully handcraft heirloom quality modern furniture and objects. I merge contemporary, minimal, modernist and vernacular furniture influences to create forms that evolve with the times while staying rooted in history. It is always my goal to create pieces of furniture for my clients that can survive the ever changing interior design trends, and remain classic and loved staples of their home or business. 

I utilize the best of modern technology in combination with time-honoured traditional techniques and use only premium grade, sustainable materials. I am dedicated to an elevated level of craftsmanship, I make furniture and objects that will stand the test of time and are incomparable to anything off the assembly line. Every piece is made in-house or in collaboration with other local, small-scale makers and manufacturers, when necessary. All local, all handmade, no outsourcing.

I have exhibited my furniture and other design work at trade shows and design festivals alongside well known and up and coming designers and makers, from Canada and abroad. Some past exhibitions include Ontario Crafts Council’s “Design for Living”, The International Contemporary Furniture Fair and Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

while I maintain my own collection of furniture and objects, I also specialize in designing and building custom furniture and millwork for both residential and commercial settings. Over the years I have developed a clientele that comes to me so I can impart my style on their project, while making a piece that is still uniquely theirs. I have built a reputation for a strong ability to design within constraints and deliver a finished product that meets my clients aesthetic and functional criteria. I am proud to say that a high percentage of my clients are repeat customers, and I also maintain a number of loyal long-term clients that I work with on a regular basis.


"My design philosophy is rooted in simplicity, functionality and attention to detail. I strive for beauty in simplicity, to create forms that let good craftsmanship take center stage, rather than supefluos adornments. I believe that functionality and aesthetics are equal partners in good design and that you cannot create things of high quality without balancing the two.

I design and make modern furniture millwork and other objects that are inspired by minimalism, mid-century modern classics, natural materials, traditional methods, architectural forms, historic vernacular furniture styles and the people I’m making it for. I always aim to create as much value as I can for the people taking my work into their homes and businesses through thoughtful and refined designs, attention to detail and proficient execution.

The results of this outlook are furniture and objects that will not only be around for a long time, but possessions that you will want to keep around for a long time."

-Steve Wallin