Steve Wallin

Custom furniture made in Toronto

custom, solid wood, Italian leather sofa
Custom desk with drawers
Modern desk
Shou Sugi Ban custom side table
custom Quartz dining table
charcuterie board
custom cash desk, store fixtures toronto
custom store fixtures toronto

Steve is a Toronto based custom furniture maker, skilled in woodworking, metal fabrication and furniture design. He operates out of a small private studio where he conceptualizes, designs and carefully handcrafts each piece to meet his client's functional and aesthetic criteria.

Steve employs both modern and time-honored traditional techniques, uses only high grade materials and is dedicated to an elevated level of craftsmanship. He creates items that will stand the test of time and are incomparable to anything off the assembly line.

Outside of custom furniture for the home, Steve is experienced in designing and building custom store fixtures, office furniture and other objects for commercial use.

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