rocking chair

Product Design

New Work: Rocking Chair Concept

I'm taking part in a design challenge for fully 3D printed furniture, and this is my entry for the contest. The shape of the chair was largely influenced by a major constraint of the competition, which is that all designs must be able to be printed in a single loop in order to qualify. This means that the print head must be able to constantly travel in an unbroken chain from beginning to end of the print and cannot cross into open space at any time during the print.

Aside from the regular challenges of designing conventionally made furniture and 3D printable objects, designing 3D printable furniture with the additional mentioned constraints is tenfold the former. Achieving a form I thought was pleasing, that also fell within all the criteria of the competition required a lot of iteration, honestly, more than I'd usually have to do before arriving at a happy place design-wise. A true challenge for me, and a good exercise in getting out of my comfort zone.

The top 10 contestants get to have their designs made at full scale and get one for themselves as well. So, if I can manage to place, I will actually get to sit on this thing, otherwise it may never be made at full scale, but, you can see it at 1:6 scale below.