Wood Care:

Steve's wood furniture is made from premium hardwoods, but like anything made of wood, it's susceptible to damage from the elements, misuse and lack of care. Wiping up any spills immediately is recommended. Cleaning should only be done with a slightly damp cloth; never use household cleaners or furniture polishes. Periodic application of furniture wax is recommended to protect and maintain the look of wood furniture. It is advisable to use humidity controls if possible, as rapid and/or drastic changes in humidity can cause damage to any wood item. If damage to the furniture or it's finish occurs, it is recommended that it be repaired professionally.

Brass, Bronze and Copper Care:

Copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze do not rust, however, they do stain and corrode and can do so rather quickly and severely if they are handled often. The oils from our skin are left behind on the metal after handling and can cause damage. It is advisable to handle objects containing copper alloys by their non-metal parts or with gloves if possible. Cleaning should be done with a dry cloth or duster, only. If staining or corrosion is present, a high quality metal polish formulated for copper alloys is recommended and should be applied at the first sign. Please note that metal polishes should not touch any wood surfaces, as they can cause damage, these areas need to be protected before applying polish. If professional care is wanted or required, items can be brought in for maintenance.

Steel Care:

Steel items whether they have been painted, powder coated or received a patina are generally sealed enough to prevent rust for many years to come, however, it is advisable to avoid moist environments and direct contact with liquids, to promote longevity and keep steel items from developing rust prematurely. Rust removal and refinishing will vary greatly, depending on how the steel is finished and should be handled professionally, in most cases.

Any client inquiries about furniture care are welcome. Please get in touch if your furniture has incurred damage, if you have any further questions about furniture care or if your piece of furniture contains materials not listed here.